Nir Galon

Nir Galon

My name is Nir Galon, I'm a geek who always want to learn new things. I work as a software engineer and I love what I do!


I'm a dedicated, quality-focused professional with a strong sense of responsibility, team spirit and good human skills.

  • Active in the open source community.
  • Broad system view with the ability to drill down to the fine details.
  • Fast learning curve, adapting and embracing new technologies.

Other profiles: Code School, TreeHouse, Codecademy, Medium, Meetup, Khan Academy, Docker Hub


  • 02/2017 - Present
    Lead Software Engineer @ webintPro Ltd.
  • 10/2015 - Present
    Lead Software Engineer, Volunteer @ The Public Knowledge Workshop.
    • Take part in Hackita02 program and one of the founders of "Ways Of Time" project that enable the National Library of Israel to upload and geotag their geographic maps collection, and open them to the public so they can browse and see them from anywhere.
    • Lead developer of version 2.x of the "Open Pension" project. The project mission is to reveal what happens behind the Israeli pension market, while enabling the public to trace the money and expose corruption.

  • 12/2015 - 01/2017
    Full Stack Software Engineer @ Gizra - Internet Solutions.
    • Developing a system to connect between companies on varies projects, tracking, and managing them, for the European Union.
    • The Frontend is build with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JS, and jQuery. Backend written in PHP and Database in MySQL.
    • Working with Git on GitHub, doing code reviews, and writing tests with Behat (runs on Travis-CI).
    • Builds a Docker image for the system, and integrate continuous deployment methods.
  • 07/2015 - 11/2015
    Junior Full Stack Software Engineer @ Restart Group - IT | WEB | Mobile | People.
    • Part of a team that develops and maintains a financial system, from end to end, that handles thousands of transactions to offshore bank accounts.
    • Implement a new Front-end design built with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JS and jQuery.
    • Back-end written in PHP, and DB in MySQL.
    • Implement new banks APIs.
  • 03/2011 - 12/2012
    Internet Expert @ Cellcom Israel, Ltd.
    • Tier 2 customer Support Expert Team.
    • Knowledge focal point for representatives at specialized Call centers.
    • Handling top level customer escalations and Gold customers support.
    • Experience working on UNIX-based switches with HP-UX, And with SAP & Amdocs systems.
    • Responsible for converting two call centers (Haifa and Beer Sheva) to specialized centers (provide training, and supervision throughout the beginning of the activity until go-live operation).
  • 11/2009 - 02/2011
    Internet Service Representitive @ Cellcom Israel, Ltd.
    • Tier 1 customer Support Team.
    • Handling customer requirements and providing solutions on Internet, data and technical problems.
    • Rated at the 10% of the Company's outstanding employees in 2010 and a leader in service in the internet and technical Customer Service Center in 2011.
  • 03/2009 - 10/2009
    Military service (shortened for health reasons).
    • Administrative role in the logistics department at Sde Dov Air Force base.



Angular Cli
Data Mining
Data Structures
Machine Learning
Computer Networks
Operating Systems
Big Data
Test Driven Development
Git & GitHub
Open Source
Desgin Patterns
Web Applications
Sofeware Development
Unit Testing
Docker & Docker Swarm
Jasmine Framework
ELK Stack


  • Ways Of Time

    A project during Hacita02 program. A web application to upload, geotag, and browse the geographic maps collection of the National Library of Israel. The application is written mostly in Python (with Django framework) and JavaScript (and jQuery), it uses leaflet and mdl libraries and using PostGIS for Database.

    GitHub link

  • Resume

    My personal resume website. The website showcase my up to date, extended, resume.
    Written with HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, Jekyll, Gulp, Materialize. And host on gh-pages.

    GitHub link

  • Stories of a Lifelong Student

    My personal blog. The blog contains posts about Computer Science (algorithms, data Structures, computer networks, operating system, machine learning), Open Source (linux, git, arduino, contribution), Software Development (programming, frameworks, design patterns, and architecture), Security Information (pen testing and whitehat hacking), etc.
    Written with Jekyll Progressive Web App Generator (HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript (ES2015), Jekyll, Gulp). And use Firebase for hosting.

    GitHub link

  • Open Pension

    Open Pension project mission is to reveal the secrets behind the Israeli pension market.
    The client is written in Angular and the server side with Django (a Python framework) with Django REST framework. The chosen database is PostgreSQL. We manage our state with ngrx, run our tests in Travis-CI, use Docker, Angular CLI, and more!.
    GitHub link

    To crawl and scrape the data we use Scrapy.
    GitHub link

  • WhatsBuzz

    WhatsBuzz is a Facebook games and quizzes website. The writers can create FB games (with a graphic accesses to FB API) from an admin panel.
    The server side written in Python (3.6) using Django, REST Framework. The cliet side written in TypeScript using Angular, Bootstrap, ngrx, and Angular CLI. We use ELK Stack for logging, and have a clustre of machines on Digitalocean using Docker and Docker-Swarm. We do load balancing with HAProxy and automatically backup our PostgreSQL database.

    GitHub link

  • Book4You

    Book4You is my university project for #20503 - Workshop: Advanced Programming with Java course. The server side written in Java, using Spring (version 1.3.6) with PostgreSQL as the DB. The client side written in TypeScript using Angular with Angular CLI and Bootstrap.
    Tests are written in JUnit, Jasmine, and are run on Travis-CI.

    GitHub link

  • Jekyll Starter Kit

    A Yeoman generator to create a Jekyll Progressive Web App (PWA) using ES2015 (with Babel), service worker, Travis-CI configuration with lighthouse and html-proofer, automagically minifies HTML and autoprefixing CSS, concatenate and minify JavaScript, optimizes image before deploy, deploy the website to gh-pages or firebase with only one command, and more! The generator have 100% tests coverage.

    GitHub link

  • Expenses

    Keep track of your expenses the smart way.
    Frontend written with Angular, Angular Cli, ngrx, and using material design. The backend written in NodeJS, ExpressJS, and using Passport. It have service worker, 90%+ test coverage (using Mocha and Chai for the backend, and Jasmine in the frontend), and MongoDB as a database.

    GitHub link

  • Angular - Django Seed Project

    A production ready Angular — Django RESTful seed repository.
    Contain a simple use case - showcase the registered users in a list from. The client is an Angular app created with Angular Cli, uses ngrx to handle state, and material design as a design library. The backend is a Django app, that use Django REST framework to build the server api. It already have written test with 90%+ test coverage, written load tests with Locust, uses Docker and Docker-Swarm to scale, HAProxy for load balancing, automatic backups for the PostgreSQL database, logging to ELK Stack that is already configured with docker containers, and more!

    GitHub link